M to CM

The centimeter is an everyday unit of measurement in countries that use the International System of Units. Generally in use, applications that require higher precision, such as engineering and design. 

Because the unit conversion between meters is decimal, it is 10 × 10 = 100 cm, that is, 1 meter = 100 cm.

m to cm

How to Convert M to CM?

1 m = 100 cm

For example: Convert 0.5 m to cm

0.5 m = 100 × 0.5 = 50 cm

Meter Definition

The meter is the basic unit of length in the International System of Units, and the symbol is m. One meter is equivalent to 1.09361329834 yards. It can be used to measure length, width and height.
The definition of “meter” originated in France. The length of 1 meter was originally defined as one ten-millionth of the distance from the Earth’s equator to the North Pole on the meridian passing through Paris. With the deepening of people’s understanding of metrology, the definition of the length of the meter has been revised several times. From May 20, 2019, the definition of meter is updated to: when the speed of light c in vacuum is expressed in m/s, a fixed value of 299792458 is selected to define the meter.

Centimeter Definition

Centimeters is the International Standard Unit of Length. It’s equal to one hundredth a meter.It is roughly equivalent to 39.37 inches. A centimeter also equals 10 millimeters.
The unit of length refers to the basic unit for measuring spatial distance. It is the basic unit developed by humans to regulate length. Its international unit is “meter” (symbol “m”), commonly used units are millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), decimeter (dm), kilometer (km), meter (m), micrometer (μm), nanometer (nm) and so on. Units of length play an important role in various fields.